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In partnership with March Capital, The Montgomery Summit hosts a monthly, virtual content series for the Summit and partner communities. Each session features industry leaders sharing their insights on topics including Automation, AI, Cybersecurity, and COVID- 19’s impact on various sectors.



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Teaming up with Rich Karlgaard, Editor at Large and Global Futurist at Forbes Media, Jamie Montgomery co-hosts Scaling UpThe Race For The Next Digital Platforms. In the four-episode series, Jamie and Rich selected fast-growth, publicly traded companies that, Karlgaard says, “have the potential to grow their value by 3-to-5 times in 3-to-5 years.” The CEOs share their vision for opportunity, how they’re scaling up, and what’s behind their rapid growth.

Upcoming guests include, Rene Lacerte, Founder and CEO of, and Rob Bernshteyn, CEO and Chairman of Coupa.

Fred Luddy, Founder, ServiceNow

On this episode of Scaling Up, Fred Luddy, the founder and chairman of ServiceNow. Luddy shares the secrets of hiring the right CEO at the right time, and how a data-entry clerk named Phyllis inspired his best idea.

Mark Mader, CEO, Smartsheet

On this episode of Scaling Up, Mark Mader shares how a tragedy in college shaped his conviction, and how “no-code” software will open the door to greater employee diversity. Learn more here.


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