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Beyond COVID: Cloud, AI, & the Digital Economy
Beyond COVID: Cloud, AI, & the Digital Economy

The current pandemic has rapidly accelerated “digital transformation” in the enterprise. It is estimated that over $7T will be invested by industry, business, governments and education over the next several years on “digital transformation”.  Many of the most innovative companies which will lead the way are private.   Often, the best businesses are those that address simple (but wildly inefficient) markets.  The crisis can actually help accelerate the adoption of these technologies. Join us to hear from the leaders who have done just this at ServiceNow and ASAPP, Frank Slootman & Gustavo Sapoznik respectively, by changing the landscape of the internal help desk and customer service industries. Also speaking with them will be Hank Prybylski, EY Vice Chair – Americas Advisory, to share insight on how the truly best firms today are digitally integrating their customer experiences, employee experiences, and supply chains all together – not just solving for one part of that equation.

Returning to the New Normal: Insights from Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota
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Returning to the New Normal:
Insights from Governor Doug Burgum

Governor Burgum is the 33rd Governor of North Dakota and is the most experienced and successful entrepreneur and investor to be in a U.S. political leadership position right now. He shared his unique perspectives with us as of the first states in America to “open up.” He was interviewed by Rich Karlgaard, Editor at Large and Futurist for Forbes Media. Rich is also a native of N. Dakota and the author of several books including Life 2.0, which predicted the future efficacy and prevalence of remote work.

The discussion explored the key trade-offs that North Dakota had to balance in its decision to re-open, the use of technology for tracking and tracing, and provide insights into the federal-state government cooperation during the crisis. We addressed the impact and opportunities for the North Dakota economy, drawing on Governor Burgum’s experience from building a multi-billion-dollar software company in Fargo, ND and his success in motivating the private sector to build one of the most advanced broadband networks in the country.

The Future of the Enterprise: Post-Pandemic
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The Future of the Enterprise: Post-Pandemic

The pandemic has drastically changed how technology is being purchased and deployed, causing disruption but also accelerating powerful trends in software. Sarah Hindlian-Bowler lead our discussion and highlighted Uniphore and JumpCloud, two private companies poised for to play an important role in the coming years. During the session, the group discussed the global macro environment for IT spending; how the future of work will evolve and the evolution of IT architecture.

Sarah recently authored a report on “Life in the Time of COVID-19 – The Future of Work & Life Post-Pandemic,” which addressed how the crisis has created major shifts in technology and human consumption patterns and their influence beyond COVID-19.

Sarah Hindlian-Bowler, Senior Analyst, Macquarie
Rajat Bhargava, Co-Founder and CEO, JumpCloud
Umesh Sachdev, Founder and CEO, Uniphore

Leading During a Crisis: A Conversation with John Chambers
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Leading During a Crisis:
A Conversation with John Chambers

John Chambers, Founder & CEO of JC2 Ventures, will walk us through his Crisis 101 Playbook on how to lead during difficult times, his insights and perspectives on how to adapt to the changing capital and technology markets, and what leaders should be doing now in order to position their companies for post-crisis success.










Maintaining Your Health & Wellness while Managing In Stressful Periods
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Maintaining Your Health & Wellness while Managing Stressful Periods
with Dr. Deepak Chopra

As we go through this stressful time, your safety, health and wellness should remain a top priority. Dr. Deepak Chopra, Founder of The Chopra Foundation, guides us to better understand the biology of emotional turbulence and stress, and what you can do to minimize inflammation, enhance immunity and stay centered. He also discusses how times of crisis require creative thinking and will lead to new paradigms of leadership.