Yvette Kanouff is a Partner and the CTO of JC2 Ventures. She is responsible for technology strategy and engineering relationships within JC2 Ventures investment companies, partners, and customers.

Yvette headed the $7B service provider business at Cisco Systems, and she has held CTO and President roles at various companies in the communications and media industry.  She has received numerous industry awards including a 2020 Lifetime Achievement Emmy for Engineering and Technology, the National Cable and Television Association’s Vanguard Award for Leadership in Science and Technology, was named an Industry Pioneer, won an Emmy for her work in Video on Demand with SeaChange, named an Industry Wonder Woman, Top Techie, and Woman in Technology; she has been named one of the 11 most influential women in the Television industry, and has consistently been ranked as one of the top 100 industry executives.

Yvette began her career in digital signal processing and has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mathematics.  Yvette holds several patents, is on various company and industry boards, and she is an active participant in industry organizations, standards bodies, and leading industry technology efforts.