Rebecca Liebman is the CEO and co-founder of LearnLux, the leading provider of workplace financial wellbeing that blends digital planning with access to one-on-one guidance from Certified Financial Planner™️ professionals. As the CEO of LearnLux, Rebecca is on a mission to make financial wellbeing accessible in the workplace. Since the company’s launch in 2015, Rebecca has helped grow the company from a startup to an established company serving clients that span across a variety of industries, Fortune 500 companies, and global enterprises.

Prior to starting LearnLux Rebecca was a communications specialist at MIT, studied microfinance in Kenya and completed environmental research in Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. These experiences inspired her to launch LearnLux, in order to help more people navigate their finances. Rebecca is passionate about working with people to create a better world through the power of technology and has worked with numerous startups, helping them grow from the ground level.

In addition, Rebecca has held many advisory board roles including with HubSpot and Nantucket Conference. She has also been honored with accolades such as the Forbes “30 Under 30,” Boston Business Journal “40 Under 40,” and 2020 Fast Company “World Changing Ideas” awards.