Dr. Peter Grandsard is currently the Executive Director of Amgen’s Center for Research Acceleration by Digital Innovation.  This center generates, manages, and analyzes biomolecular data at scale, provides actionable insights from physical and statistical modeling, and develops a better understanding of disease biology to accelerate therapeutics discovery and development.  Since joining Amgen in 1996, Peter has had a variety of roles and responsibilities.  Trained as a chemical engineer (BE/ME) and as an analytical chemist (Ph.D.), he started as a scientist designing and implementing new laboratory automation and instrumentation.  Later he led that team of engineers, physicists, biologists, and chemists, to increase therapeutics discovery and development efficiency, or to enable new activities.  In 2011, Peter started leading another diverse organization, Discovery Attribute Sciences, with a remit to analyze therapeutic candidates and reagents, biologics or synthetics alike, in order to understand their structures, their physical-chemical attributes, and their protein target binding properties.  Since early this year, Peter has been leading CRADI to help Amgen Research identify novel pathways, targets, and biomarkers, design therapeutics with differentiated properties and better clinical translatability, and improve its efficiency.