Michael Reitblat, is the co-founder and CEO of Forter, the leading provider in e-commerce fraud prevention. Their identity-based fraud prevention solution detects instances of fraud and abuse for all customer interactions in real-time, such as attempts at account takeover, returns abuse or loyalty program fraud.
Michaels fascination with online fraudsters began following his service as an intelligence officer in the Israeli Cyber Command, and transferred over to the professional realm at the beginning of his career when he led the product teams at several successful Israeli startups, including Pango, Kontera (acquired by Singtel), Fraud Sciences (acquired by PayPal) and Imperva (acquired by Thoma Bravo).
He also currently serves as a board member and investor in several other cutting-edge technology companies in AI, robotics and exascale computing areas, and works with several NGOs in education and tech accessibility for the developing world. (Source: Hackernoon)