Keith Strier is Vice President of Worldwide AI Initiatives at NVIDIA with primary responsibility for global public sector and AI Nations partnerships. Keith is the leading authority on national AI infrastructure and was appointed in 2021 by the OECD Secretariat as the founding Chair, AI Compute and Climate Taskforce to guide member nations on large-scale computing investments. Keith was recently appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce to the first National AI Advisory Committee to advise the President and National AI Initiative Office on how to ensure continued US leadership in the development of trustworthy AI.

Prior to NVIDIA, Keith was a Senior Partner and the first Global AI Practice leader at Ernst & Young (EY). In this role, Keith co-authored the national AI plans for multiple nations including Estonia, widely considered the first digital democracy. Prior to EY, Keith was a Senior Partner and the first global Chief Digital Officer at Deloitte, now the world’s largest digital consultancy. In this role, Keith developed and implemented a digital workplace experience for 250k employees and led the design of the first generation of mobile apps as well as a multi-platform enterprise app store.

Keith served as a Guest Lecturer and Facilitator for Harvard Medical School’s Center for BioMedical Informatics for ten years. He has a Bachelor of Science with Honors from Cornell University, and a Law Degree from NYU School of Law.