Keith is a Southern California-based Senior Partner at EY Advisory with a 20-year record as a trusted advisor, practice leader and corporate innovator, serially effective in sensing, monetizing and scaling “what’s next.” As the founding Global Advisory Leader for AI, Keith is EY’s chief evangelist for how AI is transforming the global economy, leading the effort to infuse AI across all sector and functional domains, and serving as a trusted advisor to both public and private sector clients. Keith is a frequent Keynote Speaker, Guest Lecturer and Blogger, sits on the Forbes Technology Council and on the AI & Robotics Faculty at Singularity University. Recent speaking engagements include VivaTech in Paris, SAP’s Sapphire Conference in Orlando, California Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco, AI Pioneers Forum in New York and Public Sector Service Design Conference in Tallinn, Estonia. In December 2018, Keith delivered the opening keynote at UN’s first-ever Summit on National Security AI at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies.

Keith’s broad domain knowledge leads him to focus on the intersection of human performance, user experience, digital transformation, data science and ethics. Keith currently serves   as the Lead National AI Policy Advisor to the Governments of Malta and Estonia, directly working for the National CIOs and Offices of Prime Minister to shape how AI will be deployed and regulated. Keith is particularly proud of his role advising the United Nations Center for AI & Robotics at The Hague, where he works closely with the Center’s founder and Director, Irakli Beridze, co-recipient of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. Other recent AI initiatives include formulating a model for computational luxury, designing an autonomous scientific discovery machine, crafting a personality design matrix for chatbots, co-authoring a framework for Trusted AI and a vision for an Autonomous Utility Grid.