Austin Woodward is the CEO and Co-Founder of TaxBit, the leading tax and accounting solution for the digital economy. Now valued at over $1 billion, TaxBit is the first and only company to build real-time ERP accounting software for commodities, equities, and other digital asset investments; it provides enterprise clients with seamless end-to-end solutions including core accounting suite, customer management suite, and form issuance. Woodward, a CPA, co-founded TaxBit in 2017 alongside his brother Justin Woodward, a tax attorney, and their cousin Brandon Woodward, front-end development and design. The company quickly achieved unicorn status and revolutionized tax and accounting infrastructure and processes throughout the digital asset space. As an early employee of Qualtrics, Austin played a significant role within the organization and learned valuable insights about system implementation and S-1 filing. When SAP bought Qualtrics in November 2018, it opened a window of opportunity for Austin to work on a tax and accounting solution for digital assets. Austin received his Masters of Accounting degree from Brigham Young University and is a winner of the Utah Business 40 under 40 list.