2016 Talks & Interviews

Our talks, interviews and panels feature global thought leaders sharing crucial insights about trends in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Private Capital Outlook
Tuesday, March 8, 9:30–10:15am, Starlight Ballroom

Sponsored by Macquarie

Capital availability is the lifeblood of our high-growth and fast-changing industry. With heightened speculation about inflated valuations in Silicon Valley, can examining recent investment data help us anticipate future trends? Hear what leading experts believe about the future of valuations and liquidity.


Anand Sanwal, CEO, CB Insights


David Dorfman, Head of U.S. Telecom, Media & Technology, Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Capital


Alan Cline, Principal, Vista Equity Partners
Maha Ibrahim, General Partner, Canaan Partners
Rory O’Driscoll, Partner, Scale Venture Partners


James Montgomery, Managing Director, March Capital Partners and Founder, Montgomery Summit

Cybersecurity on the Edge: How Many Canaries Need to Die?
Tuesday, March 8, 9:30–10:15am, Wedgewood Ballroom

Sponsored by Signal Hill

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for governments, corporations, and individuals. Emerging issues range from military vulnerabilities to the infringement of personal freedom. Learn what industry leading executives think about issues ranging from military vulnerabilities to the infringement of personal freedom, and find out how crises can be turned into opportunities.


Don More, Managing Director, Signal Hill


Peter Bloom, Advisory Director, General Atlantic


Nate Fick, CEO, Endgame and NY Times Best-Selling Author
Niloo Howe, Chief Strategy Officer, RSA

The Changing Nature of Millennial Consumption
Wednesday, March 9, 3:00–3:45pm, Wedgewood Ballroom

Sponsored by Pritzker Group

The Millennial Generation is the largest yet and is expected to peak at nearly 100 million in the U.S. alone. This cohort represents a huge market opportunity characterized by unique and evolving patterns of consumption. Millennials embrace the Internet as their primary avenue to connect, buy, learn, and share, while placing a premium on brand authenticity. Learn how leading companies are building loyalty among this increasingly important demographic.


Nick Green, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Thrive Market
Julie Wainwright, Founder and CEO, The RealReal.com
Annie Kadavy, General Partner, Charles River Ventures


Keith Ferrazzi, Ferrazzi Greenlight

Virtual Reality: Facts vs. Illusion
Wednesday, March 9, 3:00–3:45pm, Starlight Ballroom

A picture of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg walking past a room of seated adults with virtual reality headgear on sparked an online sensation last month. Some say VR technology will be ubiquitous in the future; some say it’s a distraction. Is all the excitement warranted, or is this just hype—or even hoax? This discussion about virtual reality with industry leaders moderated by a top Wall Street expert will help you separate reality from illusion.


Cliff Plumer, President, Jaunt Studios
Babak “Bob” Rafei, Co-Founder and CEO, Big Red Button Entertainment, Inc.
Guy Bendov, CEO, Sidekick VR
Maureen Fan, CEO, Baobab Studios


Ben Schachter, Senior Analyst, Macquarie