Selection Process

The Montgomery Summit’s selection committee of expert investors chooses 140 emerging private companies to interact with top industry executives and decision-makers.


Private company presentations are the most significant element of Summit programming, with selected companies presenting on seven stages throughout the venue.

Chief executive officers of private technology companies present to a community of accomplished, senior-level venture capital investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives. The Montgomery Summit has been a valuable fundraising, strategic development, and networking event for hundreds of successful tech companies since 2003.

About the Companies

Nominated companies are reviewed by Summit staff, partners, and a group of senior investors from some of the top venture and growth funds in the country. Presenting companies are divided into four tracks.

First Look

  • Raised a seed or series A round
  • Annual revenue of less than $10M


  • Raised B-C rounds of capital
  • Proven growth capabilities


  • Raised B-D rounds
  • Sustainable growth profile

Market Leader

  • Possible IPO in 12-24 months
  • Leading the forefront of their industry

About the Presentations

Company presentations are typically delivered by a company’s CEO. If the CEO is unable to present, we will consider requests to allow another senior executive at the company to present on the company’s behalf, most frequently a CFO or COO. Each company presenter is provided a 30-minute time slot with 20 minutes to present, 5 minutes for questions and answers, and 5 minutes for transition periods.