Lighter Capital has changed startup finance by making it easy for entrepreneurs to access non-dilutive capital retaining full control over how to use the funds. Lighter’s Fintech platform uses proprietary algorithms and data science to determine a credit rating at the core of its investment decision making process. The portfolio which includes over 600 rounds of financing to over 360 companies (including MapAnything, Jive, and Quip) has seen over 20% of companies have a positive exit while the remaining 95% continue to generate ROI.

Extending its core competency, Lighter Capital is building a capital and data analytics platform to revolutionize the way investors and startups leverage financial and operating metrics towards making informed investment decisions. From its AI enhanced parsing tool to machine learning insights, the company is using its in-house technology to extend its underwriting capability to help investors identify quality companies while giving startups a lens into how investors look at their financial performance.