Descartes Labs launched as a spin-out from Los Alamos National Laboratory in December of 2014. The underlying technology uses computer vision, machine learning, and cloud-based infrastructure to teach computers to see and understand the world around them. Capitalizing on the confluence of advances in AI and high-performance cloud computing – along with the rapid increase of sensors capturing information all over the globe – Descartes Labs has created an enterprise data refinery that enables organizations to model and predict changes in natural resources and the entire value chains in which they live. With a focus on geospatial analytics, Descartes Labs processes massive pipelines of data sources from all the major satellite constellations, at scale, to provide instant access to analysis-ready images of the entire world via a massive, searchable, on-demand interface. Petabytes of imagery can be searched and retrieved, and all features from various constellations accessed, in milliseconds. By collecting, normalizing, and presenting science-ready data generated by satellites and ground sensors, the Descartes Labs Platform is advancing and accelerating unique applications of machine intelligence for consumers, corporations, and governments worldwide. Descartes Labs is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with offices in San Francisco, Los Alamos, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C. and New York City.